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For years the statistic has remained the same….

More than 60% of small businesses fail within 5 years. But they don’t have to. Michelle offers fun and impactful coaching and expertise on revenue strategy and business growth models to help heart-centered entrepreneurs implement budgets and business models so that they can create the life they have always wanted.

Are you ready to be on the winning side of business?

Meet michelle

Michelle Jacobik, C.P.C. Business Profitability Strategist & Success Coach

Hey, I’m Michelle Jacobik! Wife, mom, your business visionary and brain tricks expert for ultimate success in your growing business. I work with entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses to create clarity in their vision, structure and organization in their revenue flow, and creative strategy for a shorter timeline to growth.

I bring simplification to complex business building, as well as fun, because without fun, what’s the point? My passion for personal development & law of attraction brings a blend of spirituality and mindfulness to my clients to live balanced lives as conscious entrepreneurs.

Having built a multi-million dollar insurance agency and 6-figure coaching practice myself, I’ve helped countless emerging businesses just like yours reach abundant success over the past three decades. I love using my expertise and taking something that is fragmented & making it whole again. I want to see every entrepreneur on the winning side of business.

I look forward to being a part of your journey!

In gratitude,

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