A Business Strategy Experience.. 

With the touches only a world class sunny seaside town could offer! 

VIP Strategy Days are multiple days of intense business strategizing and mindful intentionality, customized around you, your business, and your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a powerful catalyst, so you can restart and re-launch your business and mindset. You’ll nail your next quarter!

You’ll escape to a beautiful location. You’ll have strategy sessions, but you’ll also have downtime so you can process, plan, and prepare. This escape is all about you, and creating the business that allows you to live the life you’ve been dreaming about.


You truly worry about NOTHING while here! I include

  • Round Trip Airfare to RSW (Fort Myers) from your Domestic Airport (*if Intl client we will discuss credit
  • Round Trip Airport Transportation to Naples
  • 3-night stay in a my home here in Naples Florida, one of the most luxurious places to visit
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with me all three days 
  • 9 hours of strategy time split over 2 days- together, we’ll create actionable steps for the next level of profit in your business.
  • Downtime – so you can hear yourself think, process what you’ve learned, and prepare for your action steps. You will choose a relaxing Massage or Facial (included) and get some spa time
  • Playtime – We make time to just hang out! I want the whole entrepreneur here with me so I get to really know you, your passions, vision and the life you want to create. We can ‘beach it’, shop, go on an excursion or dancing. 
  • BONUS: Two ~60 Minute follow up sessions (virtual)


"A VIP Day with Michelle Jacobik, getting into the business planning of Jones & Jones Realty, Connect + Elevates contineued growth & celebrating hitting international bestselling author for my new book Intropreneur was exactly what the doctor ordered! My 3 days in Naples included great restaurants, the spa, and of course some relaxing time in the beautiful sun both poolside and on the gorgeous white sandy beaches. As I reflect, Michelle helped me gain clarity on my vision, planning the impact and visibility for the year ahead and the confidence to step into my role of leader, one that inspires people to step into their authentic self and shine! I'm leaving with clear roadmap that she so beautifully orchestrated on the why, the what, and the how. Now I implement!"
Jen Jones, CEO Jones & Jones Realty
"I can't thank Michelle enough for the time we spent together at our 1-on-1 VIP weekend....I worked harder "on" my business than I ever have (in 20 years) ...and I have never felt more empowered. She brings the unique balance of the MONEY side along with the 'HEART" side, which is the perfect fit for an entrepreneur!! Michelle's insight and expertise have truly been life-changing for me. Thank you, Michelle - from the heart!!"
Chanin Walsh, CEO Brown Dog Designs
From the moment I arrived and was greeted by Michelle's radiant smile and vibrant energy, I instantly felt embraced by her wealth of professional experience and guidance. Despite never meeting Michelle in person, being welcomed into her home for the weekend felt as comfortable as reconnecting with a dear college roommate. It was effortless and invigorating. As a creative entrepreneur, my mind is constantly buzzing with countless ideas but often needs more precise direction for implementation. This is precisely where Michelle excels. She converses with you, whether sitting on a porch sipping coffee or strolling through the neighborhood. She listens intently to every word, guiding you with focused questions that propel you forward while eliminating mental clutter. We enjoyed invigorating walks, a spa afternoon, delightful dinners out, and cozy café sessions where we diligently worked on refining my LinkedIn presence, crafting impactful media kits, planning my signature talk for future speaking events, and projecting financial goals. Despite my usual conservative approach to spending, I can confidently say that Michelle is worth every penny. The clarity, comprehensive plan, and newfound friendship you walk away with are invaluable. I will look to her again for my next phase of business growth.
Leslie Saba, Inventor, Angel investor, Serial entrepreneur
"When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And so it is! To my business friends and peers seeking to advance your next level clarity of vision, service, and profitable growth...and in alignment with who you are and your desired life experience...this is for You!. Best. Decision. Ever. My clarity of mission, confidence, and tangible assets and plans, exceeded what I imagined (and hoped for) when I signed up for this VIP immersion. You are a sage and a masterful guide grounded in proven business expertise. Partnering with you is indeed an "unfair advantage." I LOVE you and am grateful beyond the beyond for YOU! Michelle is a game changer - for yourself, all you serve today, and all you know in your bones you are meant to serve. Much Love and Deep bow to you Michelle".
Jeanine Thompson~ Retired Fortune 50 Executive Best Buy
"A VIP Day with Michelle is one of the best investments you will make in your business by far in any given year. Her expertise and insights of looking inside your business and formulating solutions to implement THE HOW you can shift and scale was just what I needed. Having clarity (and a roadmap of all we discussed with checklists and tasks to take action when I arrived home was PRICELESSS. Each time I work with her I have more peace of mind and an understanding of running my business, which leaves me clearer and excited to keep going. I highly recommend you hire Michelle and use her services when you really want to know what is working and what is not working in your business so you can make the guided necessary changes to up-level."
Paula Turley, Managing Broker CR Premier Properties
"Thank you Michelle for such an amazing VIP experience and for your spotlight on my business! Your wisdom and support has helped me create a laser focus on my upcoming year to be able to help and support people to get healthier with my Natural Health Practice. The VIP experience was such a wonderful day of creating clarity for me. The one on one support really was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I chose to work with Michelle and continue to work with Michelle as she has given me an outside view of my business. Her in-depth knowledge of business gave me ways to maximize growth within my practice and also within my other businesses. As an entrepreneur, we forget to take time out, to reflect, to be open to creating a healthy life/work balance. I was able to do this at my 1 on 1, VIP day held at La Playa Resort in Naples, Florida, where Michelle was so gracious with her time, knowledge and surprise gifts! Such a nice touch! She truly has re-engaged me to be my best version of myself so that I can serve others with my heart centered approach to health and wellness. If you are on the fence of engaging with Michelle, trust the process! If you are reading this, you are supposed to take the leap and my suggestion is just do it! VIP Day’s are well worth the investment in yourself!"
Dr. Elle
"I would like to give a recommendation about the value of a VIP experience with Michelle. I would like to publicly thank her for introducing me to this way of working with her. As a Forensic Accountant with a thriving practice, I'm super busy. But I too need guidance and support. The value I get from my 1-1 strategy times with her, has helped me sift and sort through growth decision making (including Franchising, buying, selling, and leasing three buildings and so many other things. She graciously makes connections, offer an abundance of resources, and brings so much guidance from her years of experience. While all that happened for me, I am confident that the same can be done for you. This is how I choose to have her in my business on a quarterly basis. Get creative with the VIP Days if they are calling to you!!"
Diana Lloyd, Lloyd Forensic & Accounting Corp