How I went from an overconfident 23 year old “debt riddled” young woman to helping other Entrepreneurs realize their own dreams of Financial Freedom

At 19, I moved (leapt) out of my parent’s home~ fueled by a huge sense of adult confidence that could have powered a private jet! 

I dreamt BIG! (I had the private jet glued right to my dream board!)

I applied to every ad that said ‘Earn $100,000 year ++” knowing that I could make it happen. I had drive. I had hustle. I had Zig Ziglar in my ear as I turned every sharp corner driving my hot new sports car. Switching him out for Tony Robbins newest series within days of his next on-air launch. I was willing. I was coachable. And I wasn’t afraid to spend money on myself to make it big either! 

I had the bug- The money bug! The freedom bug! The entrepreneur bug! The exclamatory bug! And I had the leverage bug.

Visa & Mastercard became my first business partners and the payday loans that were handed out to me left me feeling like I had my own team of angel investors.

I was working an $11 hour job but spending like I was earning $75!

That is until three years later when I hit my “MAXED OUT” limits and there was no more wiggle room. No more offers.

The innings where I was playing the 0% APR playbook had run their course.

There was no more room to cover my expensive dinners or to book my next vacation (which I totally needed from all the stress I was under!). Heck I couldn’t even charge my AquaNet hairspray!

Chasing all of those shiny objects seemed like the right thing at the time until the fog lifted and I realized I had buried myself in a mound of debt. It was not the ‘norm’ for a twenty three year old to have this kind of problem.

My blind eye and my mantra ‘fake it til you make it” had finally run its course.

I knew I had to figure a way out. I knew I got myself here and it was “WAKE UP & GROW UP” time!

Luckily for me, as I was traveling down this rocky road, I was also learning about managing money.

Working for a financial services firm, I had gotten my Life/Health Licenses as well as my Securities Licenses, and had completed a year long, in-depth 400 hour tax preparation certification so I could market our services to small business owners.

Thank god I had all of this new knowledge and skill sets because I was able to leverage all three jobs to dig myself out.

Out of the chains of guilt.
Out of the cloak of shame I had been wearing.
Out of the embarrassment because my parents figured out how bad I really sucked at the adult thing that they had warned me about when I left.

It took me three years, lots of grind but my eyes were open and I dug myself out.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the things I learned (the Universe knew exactly what I needed to learn!) because what I went through taught me some pretty important strategies that have served me for the past three decades!

I learned that….

Financial Consistency is what leads to Financial Stability.

I learned to….

Replace my desire for ‘certainty’ with a desire for ‘clarity’.

I learned that….

Having a plan (not just a dream) was a BIG part of the formula to success.

And I learned that…

Continually working on my scarcity mindset issues & prosperity blocks that were attached to me as I leapt into adulthood was just as important as working towards my next six figures.

I began to Master my Vision, my Mindset, my Money and I transformed my life as a 23 year old young woman, drowning in a sea of debt, to a Businesswoman who, with a partner, bought the company I worked for, (at the ripe age of 29) growing that client base from $600k to over $12million in sales a year…

I started by aligning my Vision with Strategy.
Cash Flow Strategies and Growth Strategies.

You see when I got these things~ When I REALLY got them~ I was able to take some pretty big leaps.

Most importantly, I built my worth (not just my net worth) one step at a time.

My next chapter… 

I knew there was ‘more’ for me.. 

You know that ‘inkling’, that inner knowing, that ‘pull’ from something greater than ourselves that there is ‘something’ more you are meant to be doing. 

Yep that the one! I had it just like the bug I had 20!

That “feeling” led me to take a huge leap in 2014.  I decided it was time to simply my life and do something different. I created my own LifeStyle Re-Design Plan, sold my share of the company and took a HUGE leap of faith as I turned the page on my next chapter. 

I knew I could help others with my unique gifts and abilities: I started to tune in and tap into who I really was outside of what I did. 

I am a visionary, who has an inexplicable ability to transform things that are undesirable into things that are exceptional.

I am a strategist. I get a kick out of taking something fragmented and making it whole and vibrant.

I am an alchemist. I thrive on connecting with the world around me and all of the amazing humans in it

I am a catalyst for miracles. I know every heartache and struggle is an opportunity for growth and acceptance.

I found a way to blend all of my life, professional experience and strengths and put on a new title.

Business Profitability Strategist & Success Coach

For the past three years I’ve had the privilege of guiding a countless number of entrepreneurs and experts like you sidestep years of struggle and hardship so they could build amazing companies.

I’ve developed a reputation for teaching things “very simply… in layman’s terms, step-by-step”.

Not just ‘step by step’, but actually getting into the trenches with you is where I like to be… immersed in the nitty gritty details of your Vision, your Money and your Mission so that I can help you create the strategy and confidence you need in your business to be able to grow and scale without the overwhelm and upset.

I’ve shown entrepreneurs how to “DIY” and do it themselves when need be but also where to leverage tasks to someone else who can DO IT BETTER keeping them freed up so they can wear their own capes and make a bigger impact in the world (without wearing themselves down). I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know.


I wholeheartedly believe that winning at Entrepreneurship, making money, and growing a business that aligns with a life you love is truly possible.

It doesn’t have to be hard~ You just need to know what to do!

And when you have the right guide, it makes it that much easier!

So if you are a highly motivated business owner who needs some support in figuring out how to leap fully into your business or practice OR you need to figure out how to get out of the worrisome “sleepless nights” syndrome because your financial burden in your business is more than your current revenue generation OR you are ready to grow and scale to your next level and beyond then I invite you to work with me….

I’ll teach you what I’ve personally done while building my first business (a $12 million a year sales machine), a business model leveraged by multiple offerings and relationship legs. I’ll dig out all of the tools in my Entrepreneurial arsenal (including my massive rolodex) to help shorten the timeline to success in your business so that you don’t have to rely on 80 hour work weeks to stay afloat. I help you close the leaks and turn off your shiny object syndrome so you can start taking clear action, removing blocks as we go …Bringing simplification to complex business building, as well as fun, because without fun, what’s the point?

If you like what you’re reading and want to learn more about working together, I invite you to set up a “RIGHT FIT” call.

I look forward to being a part of your journey!

In gratitude,

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