Private One-to-One Business Consultancy. It’s where the magic happens.

The Path To Profits 6 month Private 1-1 Business Consultancy Program is perfect for you if are a business owner who understands that in order to succeed it’s necessary to take action based steps to get to your business to the next level. You believe that mentoring will shorten your timeline to pointed results & growth in your business. You want customized support, direction, and accountability & a proven mentor in your corner!

I don’t see myself as a coach~ I see myself as your Business Consultant!

Below are just a few examples of ways I can support you: Ultimately we figure out what YOU need for support and customize our sessions and focus to that!

  • Understand & learn how to overcome obstacles that may be keeping you from scaling your business Grow a business that feeds your soul & supports your Vision & Goals
  • Have complete clarity about your ideal client and how to serve them
  • Separate yourself from the competition and stand out in your field
  • Identify new collaboration strategies to make it easier to grow your business
  • A clear view of the “flow of the business” from a Monthly, Quarterly, Annual basis in regards to your revenue, costs and expenditures and year to year comparisons
  • Debt reduction & Capital Strategies to improve the health of your business
  • We will Uncover & Close the Business Leaks that are costing you a loss of stability
  • Growth Strategies to Increase Your Revenue- Speaking, Workshops, Events, Sponsors etc.
  • Set new Benchmarks & Strategies to increase revenue streams & marketing activators

You will have a Go-to TRUSTED ADVISOR on your team whom you can go to to sift and sort your choices, help you activate the steps~ shortening your timeline to get there, and allowing you additional knowledge and confidence in making your final decisions for the business and its growth! Speaker Sheet/Media Kit creation with topics and talk titles (and support if needed on building it) Introductions to my vast network if it would make a difference in helping you grow your business!

"Because of the amazing Tom Ferry ecosystem, we met this woman. Michelle was sent from heaven. Investing in Michelle's support has been life changing for me and Bruce and our growing business. She's amazing! If you want to add in a proven winner who is really great at client attraction and retention, making money (and keeping it) add her to your team of Trusted Business Advisors!! You won’t regret it! We are in year five with her on our team and she is a guru at Mindset, Marketing, Strategy, Community & Money!"
Bruce & Dianne Needle
The Needle Group, Sharon MA
"Michelle has been my trusted Business advisor now for more than 4 years. She's shown me how to love the numbers instead of curse them, set realistic goals (this big picture thinker likes big hairy audacious goals - then WAS hyper critical when I missed them), to focus on the important few necessities in business - not ALL the things. Her authentic and encouraging style focuses on the ENTIRE picture. We are in business to serve, create impact, and income so we can support a lifestyle. She keeps the LIFE in front of us, not just the WORK. If you want an expert, who focuses not only on the business, but also the business owner - Michelle is the person for you!"
Diane Caine

What you'll enjoy in this 6-Month Consultancy Program:

ALL of the BENEFITS outlined in the Program with 12 PRIVATE 1-1 Sessions:(1) 2 hour OnBoarding Vision & Goals Strategy Session to get your juices flowing!

  • (11)- Bi-weekly 90-Minute 1-1 Private Consultancy calls working on your Business Strategy
  • Review of your Business (and Personal) Financials along with the PATH TO PROFITS (TM) Cash Flow Planning Tools built out FOR you.
  • BONUSES Worth $5k+
  • Inclusion in one of my Thrive Hive 2-Day In Person Masterminds  ($1999 value) 
  • Discounted VIP Ticket to my EnVision Event in November (Value $3497- You Pay $1797) *Airfare & dinners not included
  • Promotion of your business within my networks and social platforms 2 x during our contract period ($997)
"Every call with Michelle is a game changer. Michelle is a revitalizing wave that encompasses you with a new way of thinking about your qualifications and your business. If you are seeking a paradigm shift, you are with the right enterprise when you have Michelle Jacobik on your team. Are you amid a professional identity crisis? Are you experiencing “analysis-paralysis” about the next phase of your career or business? Have your business’ results plateaued, and you keep adjusting with limited results? If any of these resonate with you, I highly recommend booking a discovery call with Michelle. Michelle brings an extraordinary combination of her own business successes and a readiness to listen and hear what her clients are truly meaning to say about their unique talents and missions. She strategically utilizes metrics to support and track the path forward. Furthermore, Michelle displays a willingness to pace with her clients as they absorb that they are at the precipice of their dreams becoming reality. This is a hurdle that has stopped many of us from achieving the full dream until now. By uniting with Michelle, you have a cheerleader, teammate, coach and fans rolled into one versatile Advisor, who confidently does the work with you, prepares with research and shares her shortcuts. Don’t wait."
Jennifer Pietrzak
"My business and my mindset are almost unrecognizable from where they were when we began working together. By all outside appearances, I had a decade-old healthy, growing specialty service business, but underneath I felt like a hot mess of distractions, inadequacies, and incomplete systems. She has helped me *prioritize* the things that needed to happen first and has guided me in making bold, strategic moves that have laid the groundwork for a business that is well on its way to being healthy inside and out. Michelle has become like a business therapist to me. She has just enough of a no-BS attitude to keep it real and keep it moving forward without ever making me feel like I've made bad choices in the past. Every time we speak, it astounds me how she has kept note of the tiniest details of what is going on in my business and has dedicated her time and energy outside of our sessions towards strategically driving my business forward. It feels as if I must be her only client, but I know she has dozens and treats them all with equal care, like any good therapist should! While I was initially intrigued by her profitability expertise, I have been blown away by her deep knowledge and resources in other areas as well. There's no substitute for someone who can connect with you quickly and easily on an emotional, feminine level AND who can get down to business and run a 10-key like a pro. She is the whole package and makes me feel like the whole package too!"
Laura Woolsey, Founder/CEO~ Memory Forward
"When you sign up for a year of consultancy and you end up with a global pandemic do you think yourself what the heck did I do investing in consultancy in a year like this!… hindsight is a beautiful thing!!! There is no way I would've gotten through 2020/2021 without Michelle. She was a solid rock during the pandemic - encouraging me immediately to investigate the PPP pay out, and staying focused. It's actually quite amazing how many of my goals actually did come true. In addition her enthusiasm for making sure myself and the rest of her network never took their foot off the gas…. the entire time. As the rest of the country was losing hope Michelle brought to the calls constant positive vibes …. she kept my head up and out of the sand - as I know she did for so many other people. … Looking forward to 2022, truth be told, this last two years was pretty damn amazing for me…conflicted emotions come with that for obvious reasons…. Thank you Michelle for always bringing the half glass full- no matter what! Even a global pandemic!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!"
Chanin Walsh, Founder Brown Dog Design