September is stabilizing month

It’s your job to hold the VISION and then the details are none-of your business…

Let’s talk about using September to Settle & Stabilize!

I’ve been discussing with my clients and private community all week about this very topic and thought it would be great to share with you!

Many of us come into the early days of September knowing summer is over and we are ready to focus on our business, our goals, our planning. But, as we turn the page those early days have another cut into them with a long holiday weekend, and we start the month actually feeling like we didn’t hit the momentum we wished for and that there are tons of puzzle pieces to pick up. Well, I’m here to tell you if you are feeling this… it’s perfectly normal!

You see, summer is super fragmented.Employees take time off. Clients take time off. Vendors take time off. You take time off (or at least I hope you do!).

It is a time where most people are spending less time working IN their businesses while at the same time running it with shoestring support. When those weeks are happening we are generally also spending less time working ON our businesses.

My advice is two fold. Step 1: Recognize it. Step 2: Plan from there.

For almost three decades, I have used September as the ‘stabilizing’ month in my business. I use the days/weeks to re-settle things. To create the stability and consistency I need to set the stage for a successful last quarter. It’s like having four weeks of practice time and playbook review leading up to the BIG game.

What does that look like for me?

I revisit my 2021 Business goals. My Vision. My Business Mission.

I assess my YTD Profit/Loss statement against my annual revenue goals.

I look at what’s required of my time in Q4 so I’m realistic about what I can/can’t accomplish.

I move or remove things that may keep me from hitting those goals.

There’s more of course (part of it is gratitude for the summer I just had and the memories I created) but I’m just giving you a peek to get you motivated to do the same.

Most importantly~ I COMMIT to finishing the year strong!! You can make this commitment too!

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