Co-creating’ my life and BIG VISION, not just creating it

It’s your job to hold the VISION and then the details are none-of your business…

As I sat down yesterday morning in my own reflection, I wanted to share some ‘deeper thoughts’ that came to mind for me…

As someone who is 3+ decades into studying the law of attraction and conscience creation, I’ve found that there are so many places in my past where I’ve set the VISION, but then held onto the ‘how it should look’ and had my hands on so many of the details to MAKE the “things” happen.

These last 3 years, I’ve worked really hard to LET GO of those reigns, so to speak, and truly lean into really ‘co-creating’ my life and BIG VISION, not just creating it.

This shift really happened for me three years ago, when I made a ‘conscious’ decision to release my tight grip on Prosperity After Divorce as a ‘business’ and to trust that the ‘mission of the work’ would come through IN MY releasing of it~when it was time or I would just be ok with the fact that the book was meant to serve the world in a way that it was meant to serve others in healing and resetting their lives without ME included (so to speak) in the mix. 

Yep, this was a Jesus Take The Wheel moment for me and it was on another Sunday just like this one in early Fall. (Thank you Carrie Underwood!)

Ok, my conversation with my Source (with the UGLY CRYING!) went more like this… 

OK, I’m taking my hands off this wheel! My hands hurt from holding it. I’m tired and exhausted. I know I didn’t just “get” the inspiration to write a book from ME. Actually, I never wanted to write a book. It was NOT on my vision board! And YOU know I only journal!  But YOU nudged me there. Pushed me there when the nudges weren’t working. I answered THE CALL! YOU must have plans because the book came through me. Maybe I’m just not ready to be used. If that’s the case, prepare me. Or, maybe that was my part. So, I release it and I’ll be ready when you are or when you feel I am and you’ve prepared me or however this co-creation thing goes!!!!”

Monthly reports show the book has stayed in the top 50 in my category for more than three years and I’ve done nothing around it. No ads. No speaking. No finessing things. 

As my publisher said to me in April while talking about some deep stuff and laying out my ideas and outline for my next book, The Path To Profits  

Yes Michelle, It’s your job to hold the BIG VISION, but THEN the details are none of your businessThat IS what it means to co-create.”

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I took the chair for the Parents Magazine interview. Remember… I’m an amateur here!!! I have been literally taking consistent action in sending story ideas since January but have NO training in public speaking. No Media Training. I just know I am being called to put myself out there and to get out of my own way, and trusting. (Again, a ‘nudge’ I got not something I saw myself doing!

With Press, you have NO control. Get booked. They cancel.

Pitch your idea and they may change the story and want something different. In this case, I was just asked after pitching a monthly story idea, if I’d be willing to share my story about going from 19 and in debt to some tips on how I got out, do this, not that, financial DNA stuff that I’ve been talking about for the last 4-6 weeks as a focus. Of course, I said YES!

What happened over the two-hour interview with three people in the virtual room was a deep dive back into my life- all the way back to age 10, pre-divorce and through divorce. It was one of the most challenging spaces I’ve ever held myself in and I had no idea what question I was answering next as the producer was building her questions and continuing around my answer and her ‘tell me more‘ about that or this or that or this.

I left that day knowing in my gut that the “Divorce Money story” was going to be a highlight reel of the interview, but had NO idea about how two hours of telling my story would play to the world nationally across multiple platforms. 

This was truly MY “the details are none of your business Michelle” moment!

Have YOU had one of these moments? Uncomfortable but you know you are right where you are supposed to be. I would love to hear it!

Read my article here.

PEOPLE Magazine is now featuring my interview and story! (last week was Parents who pushed it here)

Take a peek and watch the interview if you haven’t yet.

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