Going through a Divorce is difficult enough

Michelle Jacobik Divorce

Going through a Divorce is difficult enough without adding the stress of Financial Mistakes!

During my divorce (and for many many many months after) the feelings of grief, guilt and shame that I was feeling, kept a veil over my eyes and took away ALL clarity I could have had – or should have had- in the area of my finances! I derailed

I hit up the “loneliness ATM” daily!

I was eating out more, accepting every invite to happy hour with my girlfriends, shopping more, pampering myself more (because I deserved it!), and when I had the kids, I added in as much fun for them as I could muster too!

I didn’t track!

I didn’t care!

I just wanted us to be HAPPY.

I wanted to heal.

What I was creating was a slow slide into a financial ditch Michelle Jacobik

My new living space required new furniture, appliances, kitchen gadgets, curtains, bedding.

I purchased duplicates of the kids necessities so they wouldn’t be stressing over moving their things every 3 days as they ventured from home to home.

And I guess I shouldn’t fail to mention the “man things” I HAD to purchase…

I needed tools, a lawn mower, and gas grill.

Does any of this sound familiar?

After the first 90 days my credit card statements started to look like I had taken a European Vacation each month. (well I did charge a vacation too because I didn’t want to let the kids down!)

I was ripping through my savings.

Financial Alert
I didn’t seem to remember that I was now living on ONE LESS INCOME!

I wish I had someone that would have said STOP!

Be Conscience!

But I didn’t.

Not my best friends, not my therapist, not even my mom!

So I’m here to tell you (and help you) realize that there is another way!

Mistakes like this cost me my financial footing and I’m am going to make sure that I can help others before it happens to them!

“As compassionate as she is savvy, Michelle is an expert advisor for women who are facing divorce.

She understands exactly how difficult it can be to establish your financial needs and entitlements when your emotions are riding the biggest roller coaster of your life.”

Whether you are at the beginning stages or post stages of the divorce…
Divorce Financial Wellness Programs and Services will help you rebuild your financial foundation one brick at a time.


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