Corporate Financial Wellness Details

tsh7j Financial Literacy

Offering a solution that addresses Your Employees Financial Challenges

Financially stable employees = better more productive employees.

Most employees aren’t even close to being on track for retirement.

That financial stress works against both you and them in the workplace.

It’s challenging from both employee productiveness and additional stress on your admin people to juggle the demands of employees requesting information or pulling money out of their company managed IRA’s and 401K’s

There’s a solution that frees up administrators time and makes employees happier and more productive based on their sound financial health.

Our program is a holistic approach to retirement education from Dave Ramsey.

Michelle’s common-sense approach and attention to detail have transformed my relationship with money, budgeting, spending, and personal responsibility.
She made it easy, fun, and doable, and for the first time in my life, I feel like a grown-up when it comes to finances. The feeling of control (and self-control) is amazing! Howard J

Financial Health is Good for Everyone

We call it SmartDollar. a program that includes:

  • Detailed reporting so you can see the program’s results.
  • Our program walks with them over time with relevant tools and information for their specific financial situation.
  • It’s completely unbiased and does not sell investments or insurance products of any kind.
  • And it’s purely educational.
  • Plus it’s accessible on any device (from mobile to desktop and anything inbetween)
  • We can show you how to pay the cost of the program from plan assets.

Here’s more details and a contact request form that you can use so we can answer any questions you might have.