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Going through a divorce is difficult enough without adding the stress of financial mistakes!
Many times we are way to emotional to plan, track, or think about ANYTHING let alone finances. I’ve been there done that!

Gets you off and running WITH financial coaching support!

4 week program consisting of 3 sessions (will be done via Zoom)

  • 90 minute session We will Review your financial details along with your current (and future estimated) income/spending patterns, debt/savings, financial goals & review the “Prosperity After Divorce 7- Steps to rebuild your financial foundation.
  • Another 90 minute session We will review your individually designed (easy to follow) “lifestyle plan” (my word for budget) along with supporting tools that will provide you with the financial footing you need as you chart out your next chapter.
    • Introduction of the ‘allocated’ budget system (if need be).
    • Review and build out the next 30 day spending plan/budget to get you off and running.
  • Final 60 minute session to check in and see how you are doing and to build update the next month’s budget using the ‘monthly’ or ‘allocated plan’ model.

Cost of Financial Finesse Program is $597  *(Pay Plan Available)  

One of my specialities is working with Self-Employed individuals who are Divorcing/Divorced & who have fluctuations in their income and require more forecasting/planning.

30 minute complimentary call

As a person that has never been good at saving, I really didn’t think that Michelle could teach me anything new about managing my money. But I was so wrong! In 2 months, she has helped me create an emergency fund that seemed completely unobtainable.

She has been extremely easy to work with, and she has given me excellent guidance throughout this financial process. From making very difficult phone calls to creditors to realizing that the most important things don’t need to cost a lot, her coaching has been a blessing! I highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance.

Dawn C