An influential meeting of the minds. 

Thrive Hive Masterminds change everything.

True Masterminds  

NO Pitches

We Problem Solve

Connect & Collaborate

 Learn from experts and each other

Only 25 Attendees Per Mastermind

Two Multi-Day, In-Person Mastermind Retreats In Amazing Locations! 

2024 Thrive Hive Mastermind Dates:

Savannah GAMar 18-19

Naples FL: June 24-25

New England: Sept 16-17

It’s where we discuss the stings and the sweetness of Entrepreneurship!



"Because of the amazing Tom Ferry ecosystem, I met this woman. Michelle was sent from heaven. Hiring Michelle as our Profitability Strategist has been life changing for our business and our personal finances. She's an amazing coach! If you are great at making money, great at spending money, but really bad at everything else in between regarding money, add her to your team of Trusted Advisors!! You won’t regret it!"
Dianne Needle
The Needle Group
"Michelle is an awesome person to work with. She is smart, competent and fierce, but also empathetically aware. I signed up for her VIP Day and it was a huge asset to streamlining my business. I have been in business for about 3 years and am currently in the growth/scaling phase- Michelle gave me tools to align my existing vision with practical growth goals as well as other helpful resources. She provided resources and support above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to working with her again. I would recommend working with Michelle for anyone who is working on growing/scaling a business, correcting or planning financials, or just needing general finance guidance. She is a tremendous source of wisdom and light. I feel incredibly lucky to have crossed paths and to have the luxury of her being in my tribe."
Sarah Michelle
CEO of HoneyMAP