Consistent Action ROI + Building Confidence!

You know that picture with the iceberg? The one that shows the tip- the part others see of our entrepreneurial journey and the bottom with all the STUFF that they don’t see? Yep that one! I know you can relate because you are a business owner yourself and the grit and grace that blend together aren’t what others see. But I want you to know something… 

I see YOU! 

I see YOUR efforts! 

I see your VISIONS! 

And I want you to keep at it!!!

Let me share my recent experience. On Tuesday I got to share my money tips to help viewers improve their financial wellness with LA’s Very Own KTLA5! 

I braindumped a series of “Do This – Not That” tips while on the beach about 8 weeks ago and they became my September pitch. I sent out emails for 2.5 hours the day before Labor Day weekend to over 120 media contacts – and VOILA! Success!

From a media perspective – KTLA’s morning news rotations and prime newscasts reach more viewers than ANY other local news competitor seven days a week. KTLA’s morning, daytime, and prime and late newscasts continue to hold dominant ranks with key demographics year after year. Digitally,’s social media presence is #1 in the Los Angeles market with over 6.2 million total followers including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users so this was HUGE for me!!!

Here is the segment if you didn’t catch the tips yet!

Want my whole list of 7 tips? (I was only able to share 2 on TV) Grab it here!


THIS did not go off without issues! There were many and I wanted to share them with you.

There were 3 obstacles leading to the segment – FIRST I had NO internet here at the house (outage reports from xfinity said 6 hrs!!!) but thankfully, I had a friend visiting Jody, who was staying at an Airbnb I stayed at a few weeks ago (when I couldn’t come “home” from my Dallas trip because hubby and son had Covid), I was able to go get set up there!!

THEN on set, there were two delays for breaking news, resulting in them pushing me back and the producer cutting me from 5 min “with dialogue with anchors” to NO DIALOGUE!

Michelle Hit your points -you now only have 4 min!”

I was like holy shit!!!!!

And the breaking news was awful about Gabby’s confirmed strangulation, and then awful fires taking over the area (you are in the green room watching)! It lowered my vibe for sure (that and my frozen smile face for 20 mins waiting in the green room). Thinking I had countdowns of 3 min, then 5, then 10, it turned out to be 20 sitting in that “waiting” energy.

It went well (I had prepared for this for hours and hours over the weekend) even if I fumbled my points in a few places.

The anchor must have been single because the tips to share that the producer chose were for spouses/partners & debt – the anchor threw in “and singles” REMEMBER I had 4 min!!! And only two topics. I couldn’t add in 2 new off-the-cuff points about singles when I could see the producer had put up specific points about couples!! 


But hello, when I was finished I remembered this is the LA market!!! Whew hew!!! 100+ hours this year of “pitching” and “follow ups” feels like a fantastic ROI!!! And within 3 minutes my Instagram was building and my website hits were insane. I had my email list at 200+ in less than an hour.

This is just one of the visibility roadmaps and strategies that I’ll be sharing and asking my Mastermind group in 2022 to lean into! Speaking to borrowed audiences and their own groups as well – If that sounds like good advice for YOU, stay tuned.

Here is the segment again – Have a watch and let me know if you can tell how stressed I really was! 

Grab the whole list of 7 tips by clicking the button below! And check out a few of my behind-the-scenes photos as I was prepping to go live!

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