Client Spotlight | Tara Lee Braatz

We’re ready for a new client spotlight this month! 

Let’s talk about Tara Lee Braatz, CEO of Tara Lee Interior Design from Connecticut.

Tara always had a knack for art and a passion for making homes a happy place. 💛 🏠

With a life full of brilliant colors and dazzling creations, Tara took her love of traditional art as a child and transformed it into a successful interior design career. 🎨

Her projects span an exciting portfolio, ranging from commercial to residential. She works with professionals and all walks of life, including realtors, builders, homeowners, and even Airbnb rentals. She lives in a playground of textures, paints, tiles, and treasures. Every project brings its own aroma and teleports her to a new happy place. 

Aside from interior design, Tara also works in wedding design by bringing dream ceremonies and celebrations to life. She digs into Pinterest boards and creates a living fairy tale for every bride and groom.

Whether it’s interior or wedding design, seeing her clients light up with delight ignites Tara’s fire. 🔥 And…. Did I mention that Tara is MY event planner?? She has been instrumental in taking my vision for EnVision events and bringing them to life! 

Want to get in touch with Tara Lee? Talk to her about your interior design or wedding design ideas here:

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