Client Spotlight | Laura Woolsey

Meet Laura Woolsey: Photo Organization Business Owner Experiences Increased Profits Amidst Pandemic

Laura Woolsey, like many other entrepreneurs, felt a disconnect in the flow of her business before seeking a business coach. Even with the success of her 10-year-old photo organization business, she was looking to improve her daily systems and ultimately improve cash flow and revenue.

Six months pre-COVID, Laura was ready to really lean into growth mode. However, she was feeling quite distracted by all of the decisions she had to sort out, all while searching for a way to prioritize a clearer path to success.

This is when I partnered with Laura of Memory Forward as her business coach. With her technology skills and detective’s mind, we put our heads together to help her increase her profits, overhaul her mindset, increase her profit margin in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Story of Memory Forward
Memory Forward is a photo organization business based out of Austin, TX. Laura leads the way as a pioneer in this niche, beginning in 2007 before the popularity of digital cameras and smartphones. In fact, she was cataloging VHS video collections at age 8!

This was the beginning of helping clients preserve their most precious memories. Laura works to give every photo the memories it deserves, getting them out of a box that’s piled up in a closet. This is achieved by assorting, organizing, and even digitizing traditional photos.

How Memory Forward is Thriving Today
One year later, Laura’s mindset and approach to her business are nearly unrecognizable. She found the connection between mindset and profitability, experiencing increased profits in 2020 despite COVID-19.

Furthermore, Laura also secured two local grants. It helped move the growth of her business forward, which was possible after identifying the need for more employees. Her increased staff base ultimately resulted in more revenue and additional cash flow.

How Can Michelle Help Your Business?
Helping business owners like Laura increase their profits, there is a strategic approach to improving the various aspects of your business. Laura was drawn to me as a coach for my profitability experience, enjoying the added bonus of having a business therapist on hand.

Connecting with you on an emotional and feminine level, I help empower you to streamline your business on all levels necessary. This is by using a combination of mindset shifts and also incorporating projections and measurement tools along the way.

Are you ready to experience a transformation in your mindset and business? Contact Michelle today to get started. I provide a space where we can talk about how to keep your business profitable no matter the challenges, be sure to join my Facebook group Envision Community – Mastering Your Best Year in Life & Business.

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