Client Spotlight | Jen Jones

Jennifer Jones, (Broker) CEO of Jones & Jones Realty (located in Sturbridge, MA) & FOUNDER of Connect & Elevate Online Community 

🔥online community leader
🔥avid networker
🔥mom of three
🔥wife to one. 

And… an introvert

We’ve been on this journey, Jenn and I, for two blessed years.  With my guidance she has had HUGE wins including opening a Capital Savings Account (which helped sustain her through the COVID-19 crisis).  

Jen attended my EnVision2019 Event in Norwich CT. I had extended an invitation to the participants that afternoon, to continue the work we had begun there that day if they felt called to do so.  Jen walked herself to the back of the room with both a look of fear combined with a kick in her step and a giddiness and said “You better take this application from me before I talk myself out of this!” Jen was submitting an application to work with me one on one in my EnVision Mastery Program and committing to doing so for all of 2019! As a Business Strategist, a client like Jen (who steps up and takes action in spite of her fear) jazzes me UP and what began that day was an incredible journey we’ve walked out now for almost two years. 

Over the first few months, we dug right in! First discussions around her insights from EnVision~ her goals, and a strong desire to balance out family and business while continuing to grow and scale her real estate business while continuing to play a leadership role in her community. (more about that later)  

Then, she let me take a magnifying glass to her personal and business finances (Yes, it was as scary for her as it is for everyone!). With a clear view of her LifeStyle Design as well as her business overhead, I was able to create a solid roadmap, arming her with the proper tools and an easy strategy as well as clear guideposts for revenue generation that would help her hit her financial goals for 2019. 

Once we laid the foundation for all of that, I invited Jen to join me at the beach for a VIP Day where we could dig into her vision a little deeper. You see, Jen had stepped up in Leadership in a newly formed Polka Dot Powerhouse Chapter in her area and had also brought Pepperlane Boost to her community as well. She is a Master Connector and she thrives providing safe spaces for other Entrepreneurs to create meaningful connections that will help elevate their businesses. It was there that her BIGGER VISION was birthed. 

As clear as the blue ocean water that warm summer day, Jen’s vision for Introvert Entrepreneurs Connect & Elevate began. She jumped right in and we began putting the outside of the puzzle together on how she could serve not just her own local community but cast the net farther and wider, helping others who struggle with the traditional “networking” models to grow their emerging businesses. 

Over 2020, Jen has launched various Free Masterclasses, a superb Online Series highlighting other successful entrepreneurs making an impact in the world with their work, held ongoing dialogue and training delivered through a membership community to help others connect on a more deeper authentic level so they can Elevate their lives and their businesses. Creating connections and community with each other, sharing, interacting, collaborating and providing value in the community are her top priorities. Connect & Elevate is a space for introverts and ambiverts (and the extroverts who love them!) to come together and support each other.

If you want to join in Jen’s amazing community you can jump right in here (or hire her to help you buy or sell your home or put you in touch with another REALTOR in your community). Check her out here.