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Giving the Gift of Memories with Glenda Evans

With the onset of COVID-19, we’ve learned to never take life or our precious memories for granted. That’s where Glenda Evans helps transform life’s most precious moments into keepsakes. 

Glenda uses your photos to tell stories in page-turning albums that you’ll cherish for life. This is a way to help you organize countless digital photos and give extra attention to your favorites. Glenda can help you create memorable albums that highlight milestones, honeymoon, bucket list events, travel, and much more.

“It often feels like I am part of the journey, experiencing places they’ve been, seeing smiles that radiate happiness, and witnessing the special events that bring so much joy.  It warms my heart to hear how happy the recipients of my albums are when they turn the pages of their albums to revisit precious memories.”  – Glenda

Glenda is offering a limited time special offer. Get her ABC Photo Album Gift Certificate for children and grandchildren. The album showcases their favorite people, toys, possessions, and experience in a size that fits their little hands. Get this offer for $299 (Reg. $450). Click here to learn more about Glenda’s special offer! 

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Wins with Michelle’s Support

“Previously, I didn’t have a good handle on starting and running a predominantly online business. There are so many moving pieces to consider! I wanted a plan, something to keep me from the “shiny new object” syndrome. Michelle provides grounding, inspiration and so many ideas and resources, I’m always amazed at how encouraged and optimistic I am after our coaching calls. She’s offered a concrete road map that also allows for experimenting and testing. She incorporates all the aspects of my business as well as making sure I’m taking care of me as well.

I’ve accomplished so much in only 2 months, I can hardly wait to see the difference working with her will make as the year progresses! She is amazing! Thank you Michelle, 2020 is going to be the best year ever!”  – Glenda

How Can Michelle Help Your Business?

Are you ready to experience a transformation in your mindset and business? Contact Michelle today to get started. I provide a space where we can talk about how to keep your business profitable no matter the challenges, be sure to join my Facebook group Envision Community – Mastering Your Best Year in Life & Business.

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