Client Spotlight | Susan Swain & Dave Smith

Meet Susan Swain & Dave Smith – Partners at The Dependable Group

In 2013, Dave and Susan both experienced an unanticipated life transition. Susan’s husband, who was also Dave’s business partner, was unexpectedly taken from them, and both their worlds came to a screeching halt. Of the many decisions that arose during this season of grief, one big decision for Susan was housing. Should she keep it? Sell it? Renovate it?

After exploring all of the options, Susan decided to stay until she felt ready for her next chapter. As she muddled through personal decisions of where to call home, she also faced business decisions with Dave.

At this time, The Dependable Group was known for their contracting services, but each team member had recently decided to pursue real estate licensing as well. When Kenny unexpectedly passed, Susan and Dave were at a crossroads. After a long season of exploring and processing, they both realized that they loved their work, and this collision of professional and personal experience equipped them to serve clients beyond the logistics of housing.

Beyond their professional experience of navigating real estate and home renovations, they also had a profound personal experience in understanding all of the facets that come along with an unanticipated transition. Susan transitioned out of an administrative role and became official business partners with Dave, combining real estate and contracting expertise, with the commitment to offering comprehensive expertise and options to their clients so that no one would have to navigate these transition decisions alone.

Susan is an expert in real estate, and personally acquainted with all of the decisions that come with a home transition. She walks with her clients through every step to ensure they are confident in their decisions, and they are in love with their home.

Dependable Realty was formed not only as a business solution, but as a personal solution that stemmed from empathy and desire to serve others, so that no one has to navigate a life transition alone. The Dependable Group was birthed in 2018 and continues to be a trusted resource in Southeastern Connecticut.

Are you making a move?

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The Dependable Group Wins with Michelle’s Support

“Our big win over the last few months is continuing to work with Michelle as a Trusted Advisor. Michelle has helped us bring to life the decision to continue on with our vision of serving our community and continuing to add value as a trusted collaborative resource for our clients, whether they are considering selling, buying or renovating a home. There is truly no place like home.” -Susan S.

How Can Michelle Help Your Business?

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