Client Spotlight | Chanin Milnazik

Meet Chanin Milnazik: A brand specialist that will make you dance! 💃

Chanin Milnazik is our beloved branding expert and owner of BROWN DOG DESIGN since 2008. An exceptional community leader, Chanin has a fiery passion for helping like-minded entrepreneurs build stellar brands that make them feel confident and empowered. 💪

The thing I like the most is sitting with someone who’s just thinking about starting a business. You can see the fire in their eyes and the fear in their belly.  I love sharing other successes of women I’ve known who have walked through that same challenge. It brings me such joy to mentoring someone through—giving them the confidence that they can really do it, not just almost do it but really really do it!-Chanin M.

🐕 BROWN DOG DESIGN is bound to make your brand bark with delight. As the founder of The Women’s Business Forum of Bucks County, First Friday Doylestown, THE FOUNDRY, and the ‘Doylestown BluBall’, she knows what it takes to distinguish your business from ho-hum competitors. 

Her logos, website, and business consulting services will set your brand up for surefire success. Chanin’s passion for helping entrepreneurs enlivens her spirit, making her an incredible companion to have on your business growth journey in the initial stages of development or when you need a fresh look to match the evolution of your business. 

Ready to transform your brand?

Have a free conversation/consultation with Chanin now. Her book is open to talking about issues that are bothering you with branding. Here is how you can get in touch with Chanin:

📸Insta: @browndogdesign


🖥️ Website:

Brown Dog Wins with Michelle’s Support

“When you sign up for a year of coaching and you end up with a global pandemic do you think to yourself what the heck did I do investing in coaching in a year like this… hindsight is a beautiful thing!!! There is no way I would’ve gotten through 2020 without Michelle. She was a solid rock during the pandemic – encouraging me immediately to investigate the PPP pay out, and staying focused. It’s actually quite amazing how many of my 2020 goals actually did come true.

In addition, her enthusiasm for making sure myself and the rest of her network never took their foot off the gas…. the entire time. As the rest of the country was losing hope Michelle brought to the calls constant positive vibes …. she kept my head up and out of the sand – as I know she did for so many other people.

… Looking forward to 2021, truth be told, 2020 was pretty damn amazing for me…conflicted emotions come with that for obvious reasons…. 

Thank you Michelle for always bringing the half glass full- no matter what! Even a global pandemic!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!” -Chanin M.

How Can Michelle Help Your Business?

Are you ready to experience a transformation in your mindset and business? Contact Michelle today to get started. I provide a space where we can talk about how to keep your business profitable no matter the challenges, be sure to join my Facebook group Envision Community – Mastering Your Best Year in Life & Business.

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