Client Spotlight | Ariel Dangelo

Let’s talk about Ariel Dangelo, Owner of Nightingale Wealth Solutions.

Someone once asked Ariel, “Why are you doing all of ‘that’ when you could have just you and an assistant and be so well off” and her reply was, “Sometimes you can’t unsee something and if you know that there is a better way to do something, how could you ever offer anything less?”

Ariel wants to be the best in the industry and change the way that people feel about money and for them to lean in to it as the asset it truly can be and transform their lives into something spectacular rather than just getting by.

We only get one shot at this ride, I want people to be experiencing it with their hands in the air, smiling having the time of their lives.

Ariel is accepting new clients and offers a free consultation. Click here to get on her schedule or contact her below.

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