About Me

Michelle Jacobik is a highly sought after Budget Coach. Her Financial Solutions & Divorce Support Programs have successfully led individuals around the country in rebuilding their financial foundations. Using budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques she helps clients create a LIFESTYLE REDESIGN PLAN that allows them to forge their way towards reaching their goals.


As a budget coach, my goal is to help individuals & business owners stop running in place and to start living the life they dream of!

In 2012, I started leading financial education classes in my community. At the time, I was newly divorced, running a very successful business with 10 employees and still raising two children at home- and while I truly felt I had no room on my plate, I felt it was important to get the info out to the community so people who were “sick of the hustle, getting nowhere, and falling deeper into debtcould have a plan for turning it around!

You see, I got my first credit card offer in the mail at age 19 right when I was just about finished with my Associates degree.  

My parents had actually encouraged me NOT to take that VISA offer and to maybe open a “store” card instead, to “build a little credit”–

But I knew better,  so I sent that VISA application in with a big THANK YOU for acknowledging I’m an adult!!  (sound familiar to anyone?)

Me & My Mom at Oprah’s LifeClass with Joel Osteen

When I finished my degree — I landed my first “real job’ as an admin assistant and within months I had a whole new degree of TEEN CONFIDENCE.

I moved out, got my first apartment, bought a new Eagle Talon and then USED that FIRST ‘credit card” to buy some appliances, a grill, some furniture, some nice work clothes and added that new “minimum monthly payment” to my new ‘monthly expenses’ –It wasn’t long before I started using pay-day style loans to supplement my way through life. Unfortunately these came with attractive low minimum monthly payments BUT with exorbitantly high interest rates.

I needed them because I NEEDED A VACATION from all the stress I was under,  “ADULTING” and trying to pay my bills!!  

Offers came whenever I needed them and I was able to ‘use their system’ to take one and pay off the other with a lower interest rate RIGHT??  WRONG!!

It wasn’t long before I was feeling a bit PINCHED. (DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR TO ANY OF YOU??)

Well, It took me some time to SEE what I was doing. I took on two additional part time jobs doing taxes and selling life insurance on top of my full time admin job and after about 4 years of diligence I was able to dig my way out of  the $15,000 DEBT NIGHTMARE I had started at age 19—

My Debt Nightmare

BUT I cleaned it all up and swore I’d NEVER go back!

In June 2013, I became a Dave Ramsey Trained Independent Financial Coach and started leading others to success using his “7-Baby Steps” towards Financial Peace.  In 2014, at the age of 45 I decided it was time to simplify my life and spend more time with my kids.  I retired as a partner from my insurance business and followed my passion.  

As a budget coach, I walk alongside Divorced and Divorcing women and men, who are now faced with the new financial challenges of having one income and different expenses to cover on their own. Equipping them with a personalized financial Lifestyle Redesign Plan and providing them with the tools necessary to clearly chart their way in their next chapter, I am able to support them as they rebuild their financial footing and work towards creating their own Prosperity After Divorce(™).

I educate and support young adults that are carrying the heavy burden of Student Loan Debt & teach them how to avoid going from swiping a meal plan card at school to swiping a credit card in life. I give them a solid budget and tools to help them live on their own and crush that student loan debt rather than carrying them like a mortgage.

I support and educate Entrepreneurs who are ready to figure out how to gain a better financial footing in both their business and personal finances ~giving them a much clearer view of their cash flow as well as the forecasting required to be successful long term.

If this sounds like you, I can help!  Let’s chat!


Michelle Jacobik

Me & Dave Ramsey